Manu-manong patakaran sa Patakaran sa Pag-refund at Pagkansela ng HaTulong

Ang Aming Patakaran sa Pag-Refund at Pagkansela

We may in our sole discretion cancel and/or suspend any part of your services and/or with immediate effect terminate this Contract, in any of the following events: should we suspect fraudulent activity by you or any fraudulent activity by any third party in using or attempting to in any manner use your card and/or any part of our services provided to you; should you close your account; should you breach any of these Terms and Conditions of service; and/or should you pass away.

In the event where The Company is no longer able to provide any part of the services, then The Company may terminate this Contract subject to The Company providing The Client with written notification within a period reasonable under the then existing circumstances. In any such event, The Company shall not be obligated to provide substitute services.

You may terminate this Contract in the following manner: In the event where during the initial 30 days from date of registration, you are not satisfied with our service, then you may cancel this agreement at any time during said 30 days, subject to you providing The Company with a written notice of such cancellation. In such event you will be entitled to receive a full refund of all monies deducted from your account. Should you request cancellation of this agreement by way of written notice later than 30 days after registration, these terms and conditions will stay in full force for three calendar months after receipt of your written cancellation notice. All Cancellation notices can be sent to the email address provided above.

All outstanding monthly fees are due upon cancellation of your subscription.

Note that we do not sell physical goods. Should our offerings change to include physical goods the following would apply.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return the product to The Company and we will either repair / replace it, or credit your account, subject to the terms detailed below.

Important! Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.